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Trucki Industrial, Warto?


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While making any skateboard it is advisable that you consider the fact that most skateboarders will always want to pull off extreme moves and the hence light, flexible and sturdy board would be the best. One that will not collapse at an Ollie or a kickflip or even a grind. See more details skateboard for beginners at skateadvisors

Tim Piumarta has over 35 years’ experience in designing skateboards. He heads the world’s only skateboard lab for the California-Based-Sports-Equipment company NHS where he puts the boards through grueling tests. Tim has been working on how to improve the strength of the skateboards for years to withstand the current usage forces.

Piumarta made his first skateboard while he was in his seventh-grade industrial art class. He later started making fiberglass and plywood composite boards after he got his own garage. To him, they were better than the banana boards that were in the market then.

He later joined the NHS Company and founded the Santa Cruz pro-skateboard team. This gave him an opportunity to exploit his board making the skill. Tim was able to combine his passion for making skateboards and his school-based knowledge of math and science into his career as a skateboard designer. In no time he started making the NHS’s Santa Cruz line of skateboards.


Typical decks or boards are made of veneers (seven thin maple-wood sheets) that are glued onto each other and pressed in a mold. This mold normally bends the sheets to form the curves on the skateboards sides and nose and tail.

After getting an idea for a particular deck. The first thing to do is to model the mold into your shape of interest using a Computer Aided Design software. Then using the milling machine, cut and plane the mold. The mold is then ready to make the prototype.


There are some flaws that accompany the making of skateboards.

For instance, skateboarders always land any trick with one foot towards the front of the deck and the other on the tail and that exacts a high tension on the top side of the board than on the tail. This definitely pulls off the front and causes the tail to snap off. So to ensure your board remains intact, you can use the Kevlar fiber to reinforce the top of the boards. This is the material used to make the bulletproof vests and is quite strong. See also: Top 10 best skateboard brands

The other challenge to expect is wearing out of the skateboard wheels. With the friction and heat under the wheels, the wheels are bound to wear out. When making the boards, it important to ensure that you use a tough durable material while making the wheels. Most wheels are made of a plastic called polyurethane which can be mixed up into a certain formula that can give a very fast and durable product.


Other than just having positive feedback from your customers about your product it is quite necessary to be certain that the product you send out of your firm is the best and that it will beat all your competitors. It is therefore important to fit your firm with an equipped testing lab where you can measure the real-world forces on all the skateboard components. This way, you will be in a position to ascertain your customers of the strength and pop of your board and also be able to explain the speed of the wheels and their ware out rate.

It is also good to test how gritty the grip tape of the borders is so as to keep the rider's feet firmly gripped on the board. This can be done using a computerized machine that normally drags a weighted shoe sole across the grip tape while a computer captures data on the resistance to movement caused by the friction between the two. Get more infomation: good quality skateboards for beginners

As you make your boards remember to keep this Piumarta’s motto in mind, ‘If you can measure it, you can make it stronger, faster, better, and last longer.

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Jak za tę cenę są bardzo w porządku.

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