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Mikołaj Hydepark Ziperrr 158 1

głowa konia do stylizacji

Napisane Dec 6, 2008, 4:32 pm
Fotografia Hydepark krzynowek 1104 5

Grucha12 powiedział(a):
Co do Nikona D60 nie wiecie po ile chip by weszly obiektywy od zenita11:)?

Jakieś 200 zł, tylko to ma soczewkę umożliwiającą ostrzenie na nieskończoność i pogarsza jakość

Napisane Nov 6, 2008, 8:14 pm

A ja się pochqwalę, ze zaczynam z analogiem i od dzisaj juz mam Canona 50e ;) Niedlyugo jakies szkielko m42, pare rolek velvii i jazda!

Napisane Nov 3, 2008, 7:01 pm

Siema, mam pytanie tj. Czy ktoś ma pojęcie o analogach? Chciałbym kupić (najprawdopodobniej) EOSa na 35mm i nie wiem co wybrać do 200 zł za puszkę. Do tego jakiś obiektyw (narazie jeden) i chyba tez kupie przejściówkę m42, trochę starych szkiełek. Planuje kupić koreks i wołać filmy w domu, z czasem już na papier. Jakie polecacie filmy cz/b i jaki wywoływacz oraz utrwalacz? :)

Napisane Oct 5, 2008, 7:45 pm

1. Mogłeś przesunąć się trochę w prawo wtedy chlopiec na pierwszym planie bardziej przykułby moją uwagę, a jestem też ciekaw jakby prezentowalo się to zdjęcie z kadrowaniem od dołu. Poza tym reszta ok i ta desaturacja kolorów pasuje
2. Gdzie się ostrość zapodziała? Miły kadr ;))
3. Nic ciekawego wg mnie... technicznie tez słabiej od reszty
4. Trochę nie ostre, ale całkiem do przyjęcia. Jest na czym zawiesić oko.
5. Hehehehe :D

Napisane Sep 1, 2008, 8:41 pm

a co sadzicie o panasie lumix fz8? moze jakas lepsza hybryda w granicach 8 baniek?

Napisane Apr 13, 2008, 2:18 pm
Bonsei Concrete Miejscówki Mzimiak 167 1


Napisane Apr 23, 2008, 9:35 am
drewniane blaty Sprzęt slow 105 1

Vegio powiedział(a):
mam pytanie - jaki to fornir?

buk.. -,-

Napisane Mar 31, 2008, 5:12 pm
No Comply Fingerboards - zagraniczne drewno... Sprzęt HiTeck 52 2

Until we get a website up and put a thread in companies section, I'll use this thread to post pictures and information relating to our products.

First, I have completed a new mold, and I have attached a few shots of the first finished deck from that mold.  Since mold replication is my second hobby, I plan to make at least a dozen copies of each mold I offer to make sure to keep up with demands.  Worst thing is to be stuck with tons of orders, and one mold.

The first mold is X1.  Please take a look and see what you think.  I have made the mold by hand and everything calipers out on symmetry to within about one fourth of a millimeter.  That is pretty precise from a hand made mold.  I have spent alot of time on my molds and am tedious about final products performance and appearance.

I anticipate having about 3 mold shapes to work with, and one mold for old school decks as well.

Pictures will be at the bottom here.

Other news, we are currently in talks with a manufacturer about getting some grip in that should be very comparable to rip or fbs tape.  We are trying to get a manufacturing run of a special order that would give tape thinner than rip.  The benefits are obvious, aesthetically, it won't stick up as high on a side view, and give a more realistic look.  But, all while maintaining the same amount of grip as it would have it was thicker.  The color will be a slightly lighter shade of black than rip.  Real grip has color variance between brands also, so that shouldn't be a problem.

The plan is to be competitive with rip/fbs pricing, and allow quicker deliveries to US/Canada buyers.  Since I have a die cutting machine, I plan to offer a 3 and 5 pack of sheets.  3 pack would include the following:

1 uncut sheet, 1 sheet die cut to fit standard width decks, and 1 die cut to fit wider decks such as berlinwoods, etc.

The 5 pack would include 3 uncuts, and 2 die cuts as above.  The nice thing about having my own die cutting machine, all I need is a particular companies deck in my hands to get the outline of the deck, then I can make limitless die cut grip to fit that particular deck.  So in time, we will add more decks as we work out details with deck companies in the near future, to allow buyers to actually specify the deck they have, and get a piece die cut for a perfect fir for their deck.

Further news, once the site is up, we will offer decks with everslick graphics, regular graphic decks, grip, Increditape, truck tuning, bearing tuning, completely tuned trucks in silver and colors pre tuned with bushings and black allen kingpins and bearing wheels.

We are working on a few other things as well.  Potentially the most innovative, is cored bearing wheels with the possibility of nearly 60+ color ways, in opaque and translucent.  Something we have been testing over the last week or so and are working out the details and fine tuning at the moment.  Essentially, imagine a transparent purple inner core, with an opaque white outer section.  They are going to be made from raw materials in house, so production won't be assembly line, but they should be so worth the wait.

Some of the colors available are:  red, black, white, brown, purple, blue, orange, green, tan, burgundy, pink, yellow.  And any mix to make custom colors.  Both in solid shades, and transparent/see through shades.  When you do the math, that is a ton of possible combinations.

Think that is it at the No Comply compound at the moment.  We are getting there.

FYI, to any deck makers or companies out there, we offer a couple services that specially cater to your needs.  We offer speedy mold replication, with as many 1:1 copies of your molds as you need, as well as custom full color die cut stickers in pretty well any qty.

On the mold replication, if you fear I would try to steal your molds, you needn't worry.  I have my own molds, and don't need to steal yours.  I can offer a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement as well to those who need one.  I currently service a few other companies needs and if any of you need any mold replication or stickers, pm me.  Mold replication is only considered for solid players, for the good of fingerboarding.  By helping solid deck companies get more molds and speed production, it can only be good for everyone.  Keep in mind, I am willing to help other deck makers for the good of the sport.  Not considering how it could affect No Comply.  It's all for the good of fingerboarding.

The deck is shown with everslick graphic Geo Design.

Kingpin holes will be drilled on decks unless you request otherwise.  These aren't drilled because it is going to be my personal deck, and I prefer no kingpin holes as I run my tuned trucks on my decks.
to pisze o nich producent

Napisane Mar 29, 2008, 4:02 pm

Dzisaj przegladajac forum natknalem sie na bardzo ciekawe decki.
co sadzicie?

Napisane Mar 29, 2008, 3:53 pm
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