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Suggestions on the songs


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Monopoly - the best board game for your Android device!

If you are a business minded person and love to compete with friends or family members, than Monopoly is just the right game for you to enjoy on your smartphone!

You can dowload the game at the link Download Monopoly Classic APK - Play the World’s Best Board Game.


We all love to gather together and play a board game that connects us more, as well as provides laughter and fun. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to sit down together and play, therefore, Monopoly on Android is a great solution for you to play with your friends or family, even if all the players are far apart from each other.

About the game

Monopoly on Android is a classic board game that has been successfully ported to mobile platforms. Most likely, there is not a single person who does not know about this amazing game that helps you to relax and have a great time with friends or family. Now you can just download this game from our website and open your own virtual business on your Android smartphone.

Recently, in order to play Monopoly, you do not need to search for a comfortable table and collect a company of players. This popular board game is available on many mobile platforms. “Monopoly” has a long history, a period of almost a century. Invented in the United States, the game won the attention of players around the world.

Interesting facts about the game Monopoly:

1. The game has existed more than 80 years. It first appeared in 1934 in America. Charles Darrow came up with the game, the goal in which was to buy virtual enterprises moving chips across the field. The ultimate goal was to bankrupt other players. The game did not receive much attention from the publishers. Then Charles decided to release the game with a circulation of 5000 thousand on his own.

2. Up to this day over 1.5 billion people have played Monopoly.

3. Commercial competitions are held in monopoly. Moreover, the game has even become a sport, like chess or checkers.

4. There are several types of monopoly. And there are several of them in each country, as in the world there are more than 100 types of monopoly games.

Nostalgic for the desktop version of the game, users will appreciate the gameplay from Electronic Arts, repeating the actual gameplay. It comes down to the fact that when loading a game there is an opportunity to choose the interior of the room in which the game will take place.

If you want to get more board game, you can get access the link Hot online board game list - download for free right now.

Monopoly has a large number of settings, the main ones are: the choice of the number of real or virtual players (it is possible to play from four devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), three levels of difficulty, the definition of the initial capital level.

So, after choosing a room, the virtual player is at the table and the financial standoff begins. Those who previously played in \"Monopoly\" will not have to delve into the game for a long time. All according to the canons: the playing field, dice and chips. The last are various figures in the form of a shoe, a dog, a thimble, etc. For authenticity, the game bones are thrown by shaking the device (if desired, you can use the button). From the first minutes of the game, begins the purchase of assets, payment of taxes, fines and other attributes of \"Monopoly\". If the rules of the game are not familiar, a virtual banker can help with this, explaining the process and giving advice if necessary.

After purchasing several objects, you can start trading. Further, as the game progresses, it is required to collect cards of the same color (literally monopolize), while acquiring objects in sections of all groups. As a result of the game, some participants will go bankrupt, while others will increase capital and will continue to buy real estate and build up land.

A great game to spend time with friends!

Over time, it has migrated from gaming tables to PC screens, the game nevertheless has not lost popularity - the world is still sweeping cardboard and plastic kits with “Monopoly” from store shelves, and in some countries people even hold championships with an impressive prize pool. The opportunity to plunge into the world of economic strategy is available to Android users as well!

The gameplay is accompanied by music, which, if desired, can be turned off. You can also choose the styles of playing tracks, in particular: swing, lounge, smush, or all alternately.

Buying the streets, building houses and hotels, sending them to jail and paying taxes, which is familiar to many fans of the classic game Monopoly can be very familiar with all this. This game can turn anyone into a hungry tycoon and captivate an entire group of friends for hours.

The familiar mechanic of this game is preserved. You will need to move around the playing field, throwing dice in time and buying the streets that interest you, as well as selling those that do not interest you. You can buy electrical companies or railway stations, and much more.

In addition, you can always fight against artificial intelligence or you can take part in a multiplayer game via Bluetooth with friends. Play a monopoly together, simply passing the device to each other in turn! Monopoly is a very exciting game for all fans of board games, which has a lot of advantages. Playing it with friends is a real pleasure!

Putting a finishing touch…

Our journey through the legendary board game has finished. We hope that after our brief description of Monopoly on Android, you are now confident and excited to jump right into our store and get this game as soon as possible.
Invite friends, play against AI and other online players to build your own metropolis and make others bankrupt. All features and enjoyment are now stored on your Android device. Just throw the dice and start the adventure!
So, if you’re hyped already, visit our website, download this game and start playing, as not only this game will bring you relaxation, but also will add some spice into your life! Have fun!

To install various types of Android games, you can go to the link Download .apk files on Top1apk for Android - get free apk games and apps.

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